Using the internet without problems, accessing information, has become natural in our everyday life. But this is not the case for everyone, because millions of us are in need of web accessibility.

Although comprehensive accessibility is considered essential in the 'real' world, it is often neglected in the digital world: Neurodiverse people, people with visual, auditive or cognitive impairments, such as dyslexia or ADHD encounter barriers when it comes to an easy and independent use of the web.


With an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface and AI paged offers user specific customization of websites to include and reach millions of users with different impairments. With this tool, paged offers impaired users various features to adjust the appearance of online content, according to their individual needs!

Our user profiles allow them to save these changes and apply them to all other websites, which are a partner of paged, and all other devices - your computer, your phone or your tablet!

How to use our tool:

Step 1: First meeting

We will set up a non-committal meeting, where we will discuss the integration of the tool as well as individual consultancy and any questions you may have. Once you have decided, we can get started!

Step 2: Integration

Our tool can be easily integrated into your website in 5 minutes. We will send you instructions or arrange a meeting. If you need help, our IT-team is always there for you to support.

Step 3: Usage

You’re all set to use the paged tool! Try it out for yourself by clicking on the little person on the side of your screen. Here you can make individual settings according to your needs, e.g. change the font, font size or line spacing.


Currently, we are working on the integration of AI algorithms to maximize user experience: Our recommendation system will provide users with individual recommendations which features to change in order to enhance individual accessibility. With this, paged provides browsing experience, customized to the individual need or media at hand.

With the help of human centered AI, scientific evaluation and data analysis, paged enables global web accessibility - Not only reaching more neurodiverse people to be digitally included but also fostering digital diversity!

As a B2B company we address website operators, especially in the area of information providers, to reach more users and contribute to an inclusive web. With this vision we have convinced many stakeholders - from public institutions and industries to consumer groups. With cutting-edge AI solutions and a strong science background paged ensures a diverse online environment and inclusion for everyone!

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