The Problem

Although comprehensive accessibility is considered essential in the analog world, it is often neglected in the digital world. People with visual impairments, such as macular degeneration, color blindness or dyslexia, encounter barriers when it comes to easy and independent usage of the Internet.

Our Solution

paged creates a user interface that is embedded on web pages and offers visually impaired users various functions (e.g. choosing a dyslexia-friendly font or changing the line spacing) to adapt text-heavy online content according to their needs.

The creation of user profiles offers an innovative function: The profiles allow to save changes of the users and apply them not only for all other websites, which are equipped with the product of paged, but also for all other devices of the users.


Moreover, AI algorithms provide users with individual recommendations for changes, which features additionally help specifically for their needs in order to maximize reading comfort.

With these unique selling points and the help of scientific evaluation and data analysis, paged enables content to be consumed in a barrier-free way, thereby not only reaching more customers but also more inclusion!